Cut Nonsense Over-Spending

Support Law Enforcement

Improve Rural Broadband

Cut Nonsense Over-Spending: Laura Elliott will work towards the highest level of transparency to ensure that Morgan County protects it’s money from not being lost down the drain through foolish spending. We need to make sure that money spent benefits the county as a whole versus money going to one particular area. Laura will vote against nonsense over-spending during a time when inflation has been at it’s highest since the 1970’s.

Support Law Enforcement: Laura Elliott will support law enforcement, EMS, and Dispatch employees. These individuals and departments are at the front lines of protecting our community. They need the resources to be able to do their jobs.

Improve Rural Broadband: Rural Broadband/ High-Speed Internet is a must for families and businesses. School children have to have broadband to do their school work. More employees work remotely from home and are required to have high-speed internet. While some residents have rural broadband, it is still unavailable in vast sections of rural Morgan County. Many of us know folks who don’t have high-speed internet. We need to continue working as a community to ensure that high-speed internet is available throughout our entire county. Promoting and planning for rural broadband helps with economic growth and development.